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Lupus Registry

All Study Participants will be asked to:
  • read & evaluate the Consent Form
  • complete a questionnaire(s)
  • complete a disclosure form
  • donate a blood sample (approx. 70mL: about 5 tablespoons or 1/5 of a Red Cross donation unit)
SLE-Patient Participation also Involves
  • a phone interview with a study recruiter regarding
  • patient's lupus doctor(s)
  • lupus-related hospitalizations
  • various lupus symptoms
  • drawing the family tree
  • requesting of medical records by the study from the participant's doctors
Costs of Participation
If you participate in the study, the study will
  • pay the blood drawing fee
  • pay for shipping the sample
  • nominally compensate you for your time & travel after you have completed study participation
  • You DO NOT need to come to Oklahoma to participate in the study
  • The Study has & continues to work with families in all 50 United States, Canada
    Puerto Rico (Spanish-speaking recruiters are available), the US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, England
  • All study contact is by phone, email, US Postal Service and FedEx

Your travel will involve getting to & from your local lab for your blood draw